Your pheromones skills

Your pheromones skills must still be running simultaneously while you’re intimately kissing her. There are three things that are constantly going on with her pheromone attraction. Firstly you’ve got the Steps we go through. You’ve got Punish-Reward subroutine o Thirdly your Touching , your escalation. These three things are consciously going on at the same time. You should always be thinking while you’re talking to a woman, where’s my touching, am I punishing-rewarding her pheromone behaviour and where am I? This goes throughout pheromone relationships to the point where you have 100% compliance you say come over and cook me dinner and she does it. Until you’re at that point, you need to follow the ladder, keep building more and more compliance. Learn more at Compliance builds momentum. You can go positive-compliance momentum and negative-compliance momentum. Positive-compliance momentum leads to her wanting to touch you more, wanting to please her. Negative-compliance momentum is when a girl’s been nice to you and you seduce her with pheromones, or she’s trying to touch you and you push her away. What you’re doing is very clearly demonstrating to her that she can’t be nice to you because you’re punishing her when she’s nice. She’ll then stop being nice to you. However either way compliance builds momentum, but you want to make sure you’re building positive-compliance momentum so that the pheromone interaction is moving forward to whatever goal you have that night, rather than negative-compliance momentum where you’re back-pedalling and trying to get her to like you again.  You want to take a holistic view of the whole thing, whereas we’re focusing on one part of the whole. Kino escalation must be synched in with the rest of your game. It’s just one component of the bigger picture. These guys are kind a beating around the bush, not pushing the boundaries of pheromone attraction, so when you go along and take things a little further, like invading their personal space a bit, maybe teasing her a little bit too much. That already starts off the sexuality from an initial pheromone interaction. Make sure you’re escalating at the right situationally-relevant times with your pheromones. Make sure it’s completely natural and in the moment.  The key to escalation is that you go for it. You want to always be closing (ABC). You should be constantly escalating , moving the pheromone interaction forward. Don’t get into routine junkie mode, remember that you’re not there to entertain people, get them to like you or practice your routines. You’re there to get the girl. You do that by escalating, by manning up, grabbing your balls and making a move. If she’s not comfortable with it that doesn’t mean anything other than she’s not comfortable right now, but you still made the move. Look at it from a girl’s point of view, the wussy needy guy that she hates doesn’t have the balls to escalate your pheromones. You have to think in straight lines about the whole thing, there’s a lot of fuzzy thinking. Like a friend of mine asked about a girl of mine I was taking on a date, where are you taking her? Learn more at


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