using pheromones may sound preposterous

Of course, using pheromones may sound preposterous to some people, and yet you will arrive at the same conclusion when you start noticing the abundance of evidence around you every single day. ” The Damsel ” was a reality TV show about a beautiful brunette in London dating many guys at once, with the goal of selecting a boyfriend. At the start of the show, she was asked what type of a woman’s mind is flawed. The fastest way to seduce a woman is by directly manipulating these flaws man she was looking for by using human pheromones. This was what she said, “ Frankly, I ’ m tired of guys who are deadbeats with little to no aspirations in their lives of pheromone. Learn more at and, this also means that the fact that she is attracted to you or not has got nothing to do with you as a person . Rather , it ’ s a response which is automatically triggered by two things only : (1) what you do, and (2) what you say. The implication of this is that as long as you know what exactly to do and say, you can make any woman fall in love with you – irrespective of who you are as a person . As such, factors like looks and money become merely secondary drivers of attraction – they are not important if you know the right things to do and say. How To Access Her Attraction Buttons ( With Emotional Manipulation ) So far in this chapter we have discussed the existence of a particular flaw in the female mind – the fact that women are unable to consciously ( and rationally ) decide who to fall in love with. In other words, a woman is a “ moist robot ” which can be programmed to respond to you the way you want her to as long as you know exactly what to do and say. Metaphorically speaking, you can push a woman ’ s Attraction Buttons and she will fall in love with men. Given the amount of misinformation out ther e on this subject , it ’ s too easy to be duped by fake tricks dreamed up by “ Pickup Artist ” (PUA) charlatans in their scams. If you’ ve read any of these “ Pickup A rtist ” ebooks you would ’ ve realized that they are nothing but a sham. T hey are filled with fairy tale trickery rooted in pseudo – science that never works in real life , high – pressure situations. If the barrage of “ Pickup Artist ” related jargon has left you more bewildered than empowered: relax . The limits of the probable can only be defined by going beyond them into the improbable. The Shogun s it possible to approach a stranger and make her fall head over heels in love with you in just a couple of minutes ? The answer is a definitive yes , and I am about to prove it. Learn about pheromones at


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