Restore Your Home After a Leakage With Proper Sewage Cleanup

Sewage damage is a problem that affects many homes in America today, it occurs when waste leaks into the house and contaminates water sources and personal possessions. If your home has been affected by this issue, it’s good to do a thorough sewage cleanup so as to prevent further pollution. There are companies that can help with this task and restore your home back to its former glory before the leakage. They will remove waste residue and also repair leakages to prevent any further damage to the property.

Removing sewage from a room is a dirty job which requires the help of a professional, doing it alone is not recommended due to the risk of infection posed by bacteria/viruses living in the waste. As a homeowner, you should always consider doing a sewer backup as an emergency since dirty water may contain microbes that can cause disease. Sewage cleanup experts have specialized training and tools to rapidly and safely remove contaminants like human waste. There are 3 types of polluted water which include:

a) Category 1: Clear Water

This occurs when there’s a broken water system or leaking faucet, but it has not yet come into contact with dirt. However, if the condition is not addressed quickly it can soon turn to category 2 or 3, depending on overall amount of time that the leakage is left unrepaired.

b) Category 2: Gray Water

This water is polluted with some amount of waste and could result in discomfort or illness when used, one example is when the toilet overflows with urine but no fecal matter. Gray water may easily contain viruses and bacteria.

c) Category 3: Black Water

It’s the worst case scenario that can occur, here the water is seriously contaminated with sewage and can cause severe disease or even death when ingested or used in other ways. Apart from untreated sewage, black water may also include microbes and harsh chemicals.

The cleaning process:

While occasionally it’s possible to repair sewage lines yourself, especially if the leakage is not severe, in most cases professional help is required to adequately disinfect and sanitize the affected parts to prevent any microbial growth. If left untreated, contaminated water can cause adverse health problems particularly in children and elderly persons. Those with terminal respiratory problems or weak immune systems will also be greatly affected. Some of the diseases associated with running sewage are Tetanus, Hepatitis A, Bilharzia and Giardia.

A sewage cleanup service can help with the situation provided it’s done early, all of the infected parts must be treated whether it’s floorboards, furniture, walls or carpets. Anything which can be polluted requires immediate remediation in order to prevent contamination from bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi.

Furthermore, all material where mildew might have started growing or begin to grow should be treated immediately. In matters concerning sewage damage, proper time is everything. A good expert should help you address the situation quickly and efficiently, without any side effects in the process. Before any cleaning is done, the technician will wear protective gear such as gloves, mask and rubber boots to ensure they are safe from the dirty water.

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