Meal Drop-Off Service from the Casserole Lady

I know, I know, it would be so much easier if you could start dinner prep while you were still at work. Chop, mix, saute…or maybe cooking’s not your thing! Maybe you love working late and going home with no hot meal waiting for you. I can tell you are not amused by my sarcasm. OK, I will stop now.

The Casserole Lady is now offering at work meal drop offs. Get together with a bunch of co-workers, decide on a date you don’t want to cook, place an order via email and your dinners will be brought to your office in plastic dinnerware. When it’s quitting time, grab your bag and take it home and relax, because dinner is DONE!

I am so excited about this new service, I think you are going to all love it too! Not sure what you’d like to order? Why don’t you schedule a free casserole tasting. Yep that’s right, a FREE tasting! Obviously we reserve the right to limit numbers, so please give us a call if you think your company would be interested in this. I’ll come out with three casseroles of your choosing so that everyone can have a taste before you decide on what kind of casseroles you’d like to order and at the very least, test out the quality and taste of the food.


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