17 Day Diet Tips

I decided to cut out carbs after noticing less and less mucus come up after stopping eating them. I believe that something is candida related. I am on a 17 Day Diet and it is working well. But since I gave up carbs my erections are severely lacking (quite limp). I started the carbs again and the erections started hard again, though so does the mucus (nose & throat). My Experience On The 17 day Diet Any way around this without carbs until I work out what is actually happening? Learn more at https://erinjgz.wordpress.com/2016/01/01/17-day-diet-research-2016/ and http://austingosser.bcz.com/2016/12/12/17-day-diet-for-quick-weight-loss/

I’ve been doing some experimenting regarding when I eat my last meal and what I eat. It’s been interesting. I’ve known for a while, that with my current constitution, high sugar (esp. fructose) or carb heavy meals can lead to muscular pain or stiffness the next day…and poorer quality skin. I’ve also noticed the opposite effect with some supplements and foods. E.g. Liver makes me feel great the next morning (skin and muscle suppleness and whiter eyes), carrot juice, broccoli (on its own ) etc. The 17 day diet has boosted my energy. Has anybody else noticed certain foods (or supplements) that consumed the night before can make a positive difference the next day or over time? I´d think the BEST you can do is not eat in the evening because then your system isn´t busy with digesting the foods as you sleep, but it can focus on “repairing” your body. I personally wouldn´t say all diets are bad. As I already stated in many other posts, I´d say it´s more about the amount of inflammation your foods cause. It´s also pretty obvious, if your body is inflammated or fighting against some stuff in your foods, how can you be happy, uplifted, motivated and relaxed?! Isn’t this 17 Day Diet diet best used when you’re 12-15% bf? Not trying to steer you away from it at all man, I’m all for transformation and getting the body you want and deserve but there maybe better options… I’ve researched into Lyle a bit, and he seems well respected and knows his stuff. Why don’t you look at trying out the “Rapid Fat Loss” diet?? I heard it’s not easy but it will help start the progress, and then move onto something more simple (maybe as simple as adding morning cardio, and cutting carbs after say 6pm, something I’ve been doing lately with good results and a few compliments!). A few cycles on the RFL diet and you could very well be down and ready to take on the ultimate diet. Plus, I read the ultimate diet requires a good deal of dedication and discipline which the RFL diet may actually help with… Lately I’ve started cardio in the mornings first thing, and eating no carbs after 6pm. Have had good results so far… I’ve heard you should look to drop bf before looking at bulking up. As the lower your bf, the more likely you are to put on quality mass while bulking. How true that is I’m not sure, but I’ve read it in a few different articles in various places, so take it for what it’s worth.


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